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HomeTeamNS @ Pasir Ris
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Its name is a contraction of the Malay words “Pasir” and “Hiris” to imply it being an area with a narrow beach which was probably present in the past. Fast forward to the future and Pasir Ris is synonymous with the beach and leisure activities, with many regarding it as a hub for all their playtime needs.

Originally a low-lying area with undeveloped kampong houses and villages, Pasir Ris is the ideal coastal setting for water adventures like kayaking. It provides a scenic and natural backdrop with its sandy beaches and unique natural charms. The built environment presently available, adds to the unique feature of Pasir Ris as a coastal and serene beach hangout spot, where people can go about idling their days away.

Pasir Ris features a preserved 6-ha mangrove forest which adds on to its unique and natural charm. This offers a different kind of attraction which not only offers a place to play, but also an opportunity to appreciate nature as well.


  • 8 semi-detached chalets consisting of 4 rooms
  • Tents


  • Eco trails
  • Kayaking (Recreational and expedition)
  • Sea rafting
  • Teambuilding circuits