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Our Programmes

Camelot is the fore runner in experiential learning. Our programmes are all customized to suit the needs of our participants, with learning achieved though activities.Our specialty in outdoor education and passion to encourage participants to learn beyond conventional methods of books and lectures/seminars has influenced Camelot to adopt the Experiential Learning Methodology. We strongly believe that values are best cultivated through personal experience.Our Methodology

Do it! Learn it! Experience it!
Do it!
Research has proved that “learning by doing” is the second most effective learning methods, surpassed only by personal coaching.
Why hear, why watch? Simply DO IT!
Learn it!
At Camelot, we believe that there are learning opportunities behind everything you do. We are as passionate about having fun as we are learning and encourage all our participants to have more than just fun!
Experience it!
Learning about what you have done enables you to better appreciate and enjoy your experience. So don’t just do OR learn..
Do it, Learn it, Experience it!


Camelot adopts the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Framework – one that is highly advocated by MOE. All our facilitators are equipped with facilitation skills modeled after this framework. SEL focuses on character and citizenship development, both of which stems from Social and Emotional Competencies.

Core SEL Competencies are: Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Self Management, Relationship Management and Responsible Decision Making. This framework aims to develop skills that ultimately enable participants to manage themselves better, foster good relations with others and make responsible decisions – encouraging accountability to oneself and those around them. SEL works toward instilling purpose and sound values in one’s actions.