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Team Bonding & Building Singapore

Team Building Singapore and Team Bonding Singapore programs


No matter what business or industry your organization dwells in, your employees are by far the most essential and valuable resource. A company is only as good as its employees that make it. Well-motivated and highly cooperative teams are the cornerstones of any successful business. Camelot’s corporate team building Singapore programs are designed to engage and involve participants with outdoor activities that promote team spirit, cooperation, creativity and FUN! Our games and activities are designed to be metaphorical of situations back at work and in our everyday lives thus making it relevant and allow for the transfer of learning. Aligning the program objectives to that of the organizations’ poise the participants’ mindsets to forge together as a team to attain the ultimate goals. Events such as these, at the very least, create unity and camaraderie among participants. This generally entails less conflicts and/or better conflict management, leading to a more conducive work environment where colleagues can work more effectively and smoothly, increasing general productivity.

Team bonding and Team building Singapore


We advocate the outdoors as the primary setting for our activities and events because we trust it to be refreshing from the usual work environment. Furthermore, many studies have proven that a change in environment not only invigorates participants but also give them the opportunity to shine out of work context as the casual and relaxed setting bring out the hidden side of some staff. This allows for peers to discover the different strengths and weaknesses of colleagues in a non-threatening circumstance, which may help better understand how best to work with one another by capitalizing on strengths and making up for each other’s weaknesses. This also allows for immediate reinforcement of positive behaviours you want to permeate through your organization. Many mistaken the “outdoors” to be something very physical demanding; rest assured that at Camelot, our activities are tailored to suit all ages and physical abilities, while maintaining the challenge levels. In addition, the experiential learning technique that we employ allows participants to explore and discover their own solutions, their way.


  • Overcome barriers in a FUN and engaging way
  • Improves communication skills as individuals and teams
  • Promotes interpersonal relationships
  • Discovering, respecting and learning to work with diverse working styles and personalities
  • Identify the dynamics and behaviour traits of high performing teams
  • Promote productivity and creativity
  • Develop a strong Team Spirit
  • Inculcate the concept of working towards a “common goal”
  • Inspire a climate of cooperation and collaborative problem-solving
  • Build higher levels of trust and support


Camelot programs can cater for Team Building Singapore events for groups as cozy as 10 to a massive 700 persons, from half-day sessions to multiple day programs, here in sunny Singapore or overseas. Contact us now for a non-obligatory discussion on how we can make your next event fun and memorable for all!