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Cross-Channel Kayaking Programme



Camelot’s Cross-Channel Kayaking Programme infuses the typical kayaking expedition with the crossing of sea channels. This offers a unique proposition from solely going for a kayaking expedition. Participants will begin their expedition from Pasir Ris and cross the channel to Pulau Ubin and seek shelter for the night in the northern part of the island. Their expedition will then continue to bring them around the other end of the island, past the public jetty and back across the channel to cap off the expedition, heading back home to mainland Singapore. Participants will have the opportunity to rough it out in open waters and feel the adrenaline rush of paddling through the waters with large ships fast approaching. They will be able to view mainland Singapore and Pulau Ubin from a unique perspective being very far out in the sea. The journey around Pulau Ubin will also bring participants near places such as Coney Island, Pulau Tekong, Ketam Island, Malaysia and also the unmistakeable Chek Jawa. This will grant them the opportunity to encounter unique wildlife while enjoying a front row seat’s access.


Participants will get to experience the thrill of kayaking out in the open sea and share the “expressways” typically used by large marine vessels. It will allow them a close-up view of the ships that are passing through as compared to merely kayaking by the shoreline. It will also test their endurance and take them out of their comfort zones as when they are in the channel; they are practically the smallest vessel out in the open, exposing them to the feeling of being vulnerable. The journey around Pulau Ubin will also test their determination and ability to work with their kayaking partner atop a double sit-on-top kayak.


Apart from the fun factors and learning points that are extractable from this programme, we also commit a large amount of our efforts in ensuring that safety is of utmost priority. An application for a permit to cross the channel will be filed to the authorities to notify them of the expedition and allow them to alert any passing vessels to be made aware. Experienced kayaking instructors are deployed within and around the expedition group to ensure that the group moves together as a group and do not wander off on their own. The deployment of a safety boat and an experienced expedition leader tops off several of the safety measures we have put in place to allow participants to paddle around without fearing for their safety, enabling them to reap optimum experiential lessons from the expedition.