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Staff Retreat In Singapore’s Top 5 Checklist

Does your staff share a unified vision as the organisation? One way to ensure the continuous growth and profitability of the business is to re-evaluate the business model, goals, plans and focus. How can you do this? By pausing your business operations and taking uninterrupted time with your staff to discuss essential business matters. Staff retreat in Singapore allows you to develop staff cohesion and reflect on the improvements needed to handle current business situation and market condition.

checklist for staff retreat Singapore

A staff retreat offers an indispensable opportunity for the entire team to pause for a moment and step back from the daily routine in the office. Through the retreat, you will be able to clarify the priorities of the business, at the same time boost the morale of the staff that can benefit them in the long run. So, if you are planning to conduct a staff retreat, here’s a quick checklist to have a successful one.

Purpose Of The Retreat

Before pursuing with the other details of the retreat, it is critical to understand the main purpose of the retreat. Understanding why you need a retreat will moderate other planning decisions for the said event. Make a list of all the things you aspire to achieve with your team and highlight the most critical ones so it will be easier to discuss. Retreats can be fatiguing and are meaty, and often require emotional investment and critical thinking. So, you should define a narrow focus.

Internal Moderator vs External Moderator

Who will moderate the retreat? Decide whether this individual comes from the organisation or outside. If possible, you can act as the moderator yourself so you can properly impart the goal, otherwise, you may hire someone from outside the company who has rich experience in facilitating a retreat. When hiring a facilitator, it is of great importance to check his/her track record in hosting staff retreat in Singapore to ensure that he/she can handle the event according to its agenda.

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Setting the date can be tricky as you want to make sure all your staff are available on these days. Settle on the dates and how many days it will cover. Some retreats will last for two days while others cover more days including the travel time. Scheduling the date is critical as you must decide which workdays you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the staff retreat, if applicable. Shutting down your business for a couple of days may hurt the productivity, but after a successful team building activities, you will eventually notice the positive effect of the event.

Business Agenda

staff retreat Singapore improves unity

After deciding the theme, budget, location and duration of the staff retreat, it is time to define what you want to cover each day, who will present the topics and what preparations are required for every subject matter. If you want to assign someone, be sure to give ample time to prepare the presentation, which means you should inform the person in advance. Moreover, you should also plan the meals for each day and the activities to be carried out, along with the initial to-do lists.

Social Activities

The staff retreat in Singapore should not be boring and monotonous. This is why you should prepare fun and engaging social activities. Plan strategically on how you can include these activities to your agenda. For instance, if the location is nearby the beach, you can have a short activity along the shoreline while integrating a topic associated to the purpose of the retreat. Your social activities need not be expensive. Think of fun activities where you can ask input or ideas from each participant. Besides, the retreat is about the business and staff.