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Fun Outdoor Activities For Team Bonding Singapore

Searching for ideas on what to do for your team bonding in Singapore? When it comes to fun and exciting team building activities, there are plenty of ideas you may consider. You can find different places that make perfect venues for the event whether you plan to have an indoor or outdoor team building.

Team bonding Singapore

No matter what you called it – team building, corporate bonding or team bonding, the main objective of the event remains the same. Having fun together offers numerous benefits not only for the participants but for the company as well. It can promote camaraderie among team members and highlight skills of each participant. A successful team bonding can improve the ability to work seamlessly.

Here are some fun outdoor activities for team bonding in Singapore.

Treasure Hunt In The City

Regardless of age, treasure hunting remains a fun activity to do in a team building Singapore event. There are many possible venues for the race, including Chinatown, Bugis area, Little India, around Raffles place area, Fort Canning Park, Changi Beach Park, and inside Sentosa. These are just a few of the various places you can consider to hold the treasure hunt. This activity will help promote healthy competition and teamwork, which are needed to complete the game.

To make this outdoor game truly exciting, provide some clues that will make the team brainstorm, think deeply and work together. You can offer an incentive to the winning team. Choose an incentive that you know everyone would want to have to boost the excitement.

team bonding in Singapore games

Dragon Boat Racing At Kallang River

If you want a team bonding activity that will get everyone’s adrenaline rush pumping, then the dragon boat racing makes a perfect choice. You don’t really have to imitate the actual kind of dragon boat race carried out in the Olympics or Asian Games. You can hire the boats at the venue. Kallang River is an ideal location to host this activity.

Dragon boat racing is a perfect combination of sport, leisure and fun activity. It often demands smooth coordination and effective communication between the team leader and the members. To get a better understanding of the racing strategies and the art of paddling, you can ask someone who has enough knowledge on dragon boat racing to provide a quick lesson.

Team building Singapore

Embark on a Forest Adventure

If you wish to escape the city for a while, hosting your team bonding in Singapore in a forest is a good option. For instance, hold your team building at Forest Adventure Singapore where everyone can have a breath of fresh air from sitting and being trapped in the cubicle for long hours. In this location, you can have several fun activities like dangling across suspension bridges, taking daredevil leaps of faith from death-defying heights, and swinging on flying foxes. These activities will help team members to conquer any obstacles in the future.

At the Forest Adventure, you can also host a scavenger hunt similar to the treasure hunt in the city. The location will make the activity even more challenging and fun as the team members search in the forest. There are many other games you can carry out in this type of venue, but if you are unsure, you can look for a company that provides team bonding activities in Singapore to help you.