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Team Bonding Singapore’s 7 Problem Solving Activities

Want to challenge the problem solving skills of the teams in your organisation? One way to test this particular characteristic is to conduct a team building Singapore where the attendees will face different problem solving challenges to prove their skills in analysing things or situations. These activities for team bonding Singapore can be performed indoor, like a spacious conference room, or outdoor, like pool side.


strengthen teamwork with team bonding Singapore

All these activities seem very simple to perform, but they will require each member to think, remember and communicate properly. Hence, the program will not just improve the problem solving skills of each attendee but can enhance camaraderie as well. Try the following activities!

Human Chain

Each member of the team will be spread out in a line, consisting of several sections. The facilitator will show a picture to the first member, wherein he/she must remember and describe it properly to the next person, this continues until the last person in the line receives the description and must then attempt to recreate the picture based on what was relayed to him/her.

Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

In this problem solving activity, the teams work together to solve a puzzle as quickly as possible. The catch of this game is that the teams will be divided and given separate bags of puzzle pieces; hence, they will think they are competing against each other, but the entire puzzle will only be completed if all teams work together. Thus, the team must realise this quickly to finish the challenge.

Sneak a Peak

The primary goal of the Sneak a Peak game is for each team to create an exact copy of a pre-built sculpture. Sounds easy? Well, the challenge is that only one person from each team can look at the model at a time, for only ten seconds. Hence, the group must formulate a technique on how to utilise the limited time and how to remember the details of the model.

team bonding Singapore improves problem solving skills


Have you played minesweeper game in your computer? This team bonding in Singapore activity is almost similar to that computer game. In Minefield, the team must come to a battle field where mines have been laid. One at a time, the member must try to cross the battlefield without stepping on a mine. If a member stepped on a mine, the team should return to the starting line.

Bridge Build

Two teams must work together to construct a bridge using the materials provided by the facilitator, with each sub-team building half the bridge each. The main rule is that the teams are not allowed to see each other while doing the challenge, which means they must rely on their communication skills to erect an identical design. Bridge Build is an ideal activity to develop communication skills, creative thinking and problem solving.

team bonding Singapore creates fun memories
Memory Lane

Another problem solving game that will make an excellent activity for team bonding in Singapore is the memory lane. In this game, team communication and cooperation will be put to test for them to succeed. The team members must describe a hidden structure to each other to see if the final person will reconstruct the same structure as the original. Sharp memory and clear communication are essential to complete the challenge.

Leaky Pipe

In this team building activity, the team races against time to retrieve a ping pong ball placed at the bottom of a leaky pipe. Each team will be provided with a bucket of water and several cups. Now, the challenge is how they are going to utilise the water to take out the ball. Excellent teamwork and good problem solving skills are needed to complete the challenge.