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How to Plan a Team Bonding Activity on a Budget

Planning a team bonding event can be a little difficult, especially if you are on a tight budget. There are so many things to prepare and spend for but if you are tied to a limited budget, it will surely be a challenge. Your primary concern would be how to pull off a successful team building activity without shelling a huge amount of budget. While budgets are a customary to most events, it is possible to organise a team bonding Singapore activity at minimal cost.

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Indeed, it’s possible to plan a cost-effective team building event wherein your team can have high energy activities and a great experience on a small budget. Are you wondering how to do it? Here are some tricks for hosting a successful team bonding on a budget.

Determine the Budget

Whether the company has already provided a budget to work with or is asking for an estimated cost, it is important to understand the budget before making any reservations or purchases. It is the key to staying on track financially and avoid overspending. In case the company has not yet come up with a budget, you can get a list of approximate costs and expenses to help determine the possible budget. The budget will highly depend on the number of participants, the venue, timing, and how the finances will be delegated.

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Staying Within the Budget

Sticking within the budget range is probably one of the most difficult parts of planning the event. You need to strategically prioritise things from the most critical one to the less important one. List down the most critical things required to organise the team building event so that it will be easier to stay within the allotted budget without sacrificing the quality. Companies offering team bonding services will be able to help you make the most of your budget while ensuring a fun and successful event.

Choose a Budget-Friendly Venue

If the team building event will be held off-site, then doing a research on cost-effective venues is going to help you stay within your company’s budget. Choose a venue that is both affordable and comfortable. You don’t want to sacrifice the comfort of the participants just to save money on the venue. Some of the things to keep in mind when looking for a perfect venue for the team building activity:

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Skip Event Decor and Accessories

One surefire way to keep you within your budget is to save on venue decorations and accessories. If they are not needed, then don’t. You can start by picking an attractive venue that requires little to no decor. For instance, if you choose an outdoor venue, then there is no need to add extra decoration. Better yet, you can ask the help of your employees to decorate the space in a minimalistic way. If you hire a team bonding company in Singapore, you can inform them to find a venue that doesn’t demand decorations.