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Water Activities For Team Building in Singapore

Team building activities are truly essential in every organisation, regardless of what industry the business belongs to. The programme can help create a closely knit, happy, motivated and productive A-team, which the organisation can benefit in the long run. But which activities are effective and low cost for team building in Singapore? Team building activities are designed to improve teamwork, enhance problem solving skills, improve communication and develop trust.

activities for team building Singapore

There are several activities ideal for corporate team building, both indoor and outdoor, and among the most popular ones are water activities. These water activities will challenge the team as a whole and the individual member. And most importantly, the activities help create some great memories that they can share. If you are looking for water activity ideas, the following would be fun to include in your team building.

Raft Creation Challenge

Raft creation challenge encourages team organisation, multi tasking, planning and practical skills. In this activity, each team will be given limited materials to build their own raft, which they will use to cross the water. Using only bamboo, rope and water bottles or containers, the teams must construct a raft that can accommodate the entire team out into a designated area where they can find the team flag. The team should collect the flag and return to plant their flag signalling the completion of challenge.

This team building activity will surely test the cooperation of each team member to build the strongest and reliable raft. The raft creation challenge can be done in any venue with water, like swimming pool or resort, but it is more ideal for beach team building or nearby island.

Kayak Relay

Kayak relay is common to water based corporate team bonding Singapore. This activity can be performed either alone or in pairs. For individual game, it should be easier since you will just need to paddle all on your own. If the challenge requires to be executed in pair, the team members must formulate a strategy to race together to paddle over to an object, bring it back and tap the next person or pair. It demands coordination among the members so they can quickly finish the challenge.

This water activity for team building in Singapore will surely be filled with lots of laughter, cheering and yelling, especially when you see team members paddle the wrong way or fall off from the kayak.

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Just like the raft creation challenge, this activity involves building a functional water transport that can be used to navigate through the water. However, in the build-a-boat challenge, you and your team will design and build a person-powered, corrugated boat using cardboard and packaging tape or in some cases, plastics may be included in the supplies.

Build-a-boat is a high impact team building activity that can help identify leadership characteristics of the attendees in an exciting, hands-on and fun environment. In addition, it will challenge the creativity of the team to make a cardboard boat that can survive the water until the finish line.

team building Singapore activity ideas

If you prefer outdoor team building Singapore, these water activities would be perfect inclusion in your programme. Outdoor activities do not necessarily involve physical strength; rather they could be about goal setting, defining roles, collaboration, communication and innovation. Aside from benefiting the organisation, the team building programme will be a fun and memorable experience for the attendees.