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Tips in Planning a Fun Team Building Activity in Singapore

Planning a fun-filled and successful team building event in Singapore may seem like a challenging task. This can be true if it’s your first time to organise the said event and don’t have any idea where to start the planning stage. A team building activity can be beneficial to the business since it helps promote cooperation, build trust, determination to achieve goals, and improve camaraderie.

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Outlining the most important factors involved in team building Singapore activity can make the planning easier. It also helps ensure the participants will have a great time and at the same time gain insights and lessons that they can apply in the workplace.

So how do you plan a successful team building? Follow the steps below to help you out.

What’s the Goal?

Planning a team building activity without a goal is like planning a holiday without a destination. Think! What are you looking to get out of the activity? Decide what you want to accomplish from the event. Goal setting is the most important part of the activity. Do you want to build rapport among team members? Or do you intend to discover who has what it takes to be a leader? Sometimes, a simple activity can bring out the best employees who are just lurking in the shadows of their colleagues. Sometimes, the organiser just wants to break down the ice that separates employees from other employees.

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Decide Indoor or Outdoor

Where would you prefer to have the team building activity? Would you like the team to explore outdoor venues or run indoors? It would be easier to decide where to hold the event based on the date of your team building. For instance, you can choose to have an indoor venue if the date you picked will most likely have rain. If the forecasted weather will be fine on the chosen date, then you can opt to have the activity in a relaxing venue, like park or beach. If you decide to have an outdoor activity, you may consider having an indoor backup venue just in case the weather will not cooperate. You can seek the service of a team building company in Singapore to help you find the right venue.

Identify the Best Schedule

This may seem obvious but it is crucial to consider how long do you plan the activity to last and when will it be. Schedule the date and time at least a few weeks before so that all participants can block the date and will not make any appointment on this day. Do you plan to have it on weekend or work week? Employees will be more receptive to a team building activity scheduled during work hours and will not interfere with their personal time. So always consider your employees’ obligations and schedules.

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Decide a Budget and a Location

Another important factor to consider when planning a team building activity is setting the budget and choosing a location. Your budget can help you decide where to hold your event. If you have enough budget, you can choose to have an off-site location. This is a good way of rewarding your team for helping you achieve the business goal. There are many locations ideal for team building in Singapore activity and are budget friendly.

Choose Activities  

What sort of activities would the employees enjoy? Do they like swimming or bowling? Team games are very common in most team building events. There are several games you may consider that can help you achieve the team building goal. But if you are unsure, you can hire team building services and let the company plan the event to ensure its success.